You know what it is like to feel a life move and grow inside you. You know what laying down your life means. You know what sacrifice means. You now have a better idea of what God’s love towards you means. 

Becoming a Momma does not happen at the end of laboring, which never really ends. It’s built in you in late night trips to the bathroom, leg pain, sweet flutters that become ribs kicks, and watching waves roll across your belly as your baby says hello. In those things I consider body training boot camp, you begin to feel what it means to always put someone else first. 

There is that wonderful moment when all the pushes are given up and you hear their voice cry out for the first time. You hear your baby and what has affected your body like a war zone no matter how you deliver does not even matter to you. All you want is to see them and hold them to your chest for the first time. That moment is infinite because it is etched forever into your mind and heart. 

You know the toil of no sleep and still giving your all. Your all might be weaker than you want, but it’s what you have to give. You know the body aches that eventually ease after delivery, but some never fully go away. You know how to pull through and you discover this beautiful strength buried deep inside you that you never knew you had. You discover more of who you really are and want to be. 

You know what it means to be a teacher. You want to teach them ABCs, about life, about love, and about Jesus.  I always prayed for the health of my babies as they grew inside me, but mostly I prayed they would have a heart that would love God and would know how to receive God’s love.

You know what it means to practice self-control and patience as time marches on. You know what it means to celebrate with excitement birthdays and watch them become big kids all while feeling the tiniest ache that they are growing up. You will time to slow down, and pray for the wisdom to know how to enjoy each moment. 

You know what it means to want to reach and strain to go as far with the Lord as you can so that your ceiling might one day be your children’s floor. You are all in everyday being the best you can be so that they might know that is what they deserve. You know that you are going to have to keep them in your open hands before the Lord as you pray that wherever God sends them you will have peace in trusting Him. They are yours, but they belong to Him first. 

It has been my privilege to get to walk with so many Mommas during this season of life. That sometimes looks like posts on social media, text messages, phone calls, or FaceTime. I am truly blessed to know so many Mommas with such beautiful hearts. Today I honor all of us as we reflect back on what it means to become a Momma, and that we will always be growing and learning what that really means, together.