Letter writing/card sending is really becoming a dying art form. Text messages and email have made tapping out a few key strokes a convenient means of expressing (insert chosen sentiment here.) I think that it’s better to share those feelings electronically than not at all, but there’s something beautiful about opening your mailbox and seeing an envelope addressed to you inside. Not one from the many places that still “spam” me with paper to be recycled, but the one that’s handwritten with love. 

I can honestly say that in the last few weeks I’ve been praying for God to help me remember I’m loved. Life gets lonely sometimes, and I’m not afraid to be honest and ask God for what I know my heart needs. There is strength in realizing what we need, and it very okay to need people. I never realized how many people love me, and I also never realized what a lifeline to sanity and being covered these people are. 

I opened my mailbox on two separate occasions last week and collected three pieces of mail. Two were Mother’s Day cards, and one was a note from a friend. I have kept these cards in reach because they were so precious to me. When you ask God for something and He inspires someone’s heart to give you something you can hold, you feel so grateful. My gratitude to these lovely people and my loving Father can’t be expressed easily. 

Here’s the truth:

  • No matter how I feel, I’m not ever alone. 
  • I have been blessed with a long list of people who really care about ME!
  • I can ask and sometimes God answers with a big, hold-it-in-my-hands YES!
  • No matter the distance I will always be connected to so many wonderful people. No one is ever truly alone if they have that. 

I challenge myself and anyone reading to grab a post-it or stationary or whatever along with a stamp and envelope. Next, take them and make someone’s day! May we always strive to remind people of what they mean to us. You’ll never know how that quick, written from the heart note can help lift someone. Be a part of lifting someone today!