I will never forget sitting in Dallas TX at the Passion Conference (www.268generation.com for more info). There is so much I remember about those days, but there were two moments that were tremendously important for what they did to shape the rest of my life. 

Louie Giglio was talking about college students. That conference is a ministry geared toward college students in that specific window of time. He talked about this being the place where kids this age were making decisions that were going to set the trajectory for the rest of their lives. One of the biggest parts of that was going to be deciding who God was to them and how they were going to let that seap into their lives and hearts and shape their walk with Him. The importance in this window of time had never been made more clear to me. 

I had a strong faith support system when I came to college, but it eventually failed all but a select few involved in it. It was hard when that happened. It was hard to watch that happen for my sake and the sake of others. On the other side, I had already met and was being supported by the man I now call husband so I was not crushed by the weight of the collapse. I also was given a pastor with the heart of a true Shepard that loved His sheep. I was hurt and a little marred, but not crushed by the collapse. It was hard to get over, and I watched people involved begin to make decisions that set their trajectories. 

At the conference, he asked this question: how can we meet people in that window of time and encourage them to pursue Christ? Louie Giglio’s whole life is a reflection of what it means to do this. I was sitting in that very seat listening to him preach at that moment because his obience to that call. The revolution that he started that has changed the world was born out of his obeying this call when he did not even know what it was going to look like on the other side. The beautiful burden on his heart for this generation has really changed the world. 

In that moment I prayed that God would make it evident to me what specific ministries He was going to give me to impact the world for His name and renown. I promised Him I would be all in, whatever that looked like. Christ was all in for me on the Cross, and He is all in for me as He sits in heaven right now. I prayed for a chance to serve in this fight. 

In less than a month, my husband and I were asked to lead a college Bible study! God works fast sometimes! For almost two years we were blessed to pour into the lives of this group on Sunday nights. I can not tell you all that we came away with from this. It had its season, and when it ended we were definitely sure that it was done. The love that bloomed in my heart for those punk kids was important. It was important to learn to meet people where they are, to hold their hands, to always share the truth, to remind them of what Jesus has for them, and to learn the hard lesson that I can not want them to love Jesus enough to make them do it. I had some heartache at the end of it for a few, but that never replaced how much I love them. I still pray for them. I caught a glimpse of the fight Louie talked about and how important it is to get in that fight. 

I prayed that God would make whatever He had for me evident again. It took some time to see, but He was always working on it. In my job, I served a lot as a teacher, and I learned that I was really good at helping others understand things and gifted in the ability to make information relatable. I learned that I was a teacher at heart with a burden on my heart for this generation. I learned a lot about myself in that job. I also realized that I could get back in the ring in a way I had never considered. 

I always loved academics. School was always a safe place for me. I loved the academic community at the university level. I realized that there was no better way to meet this generation where the are than to be on a campus, in a classroom where I can use my gifts and talents and shine the light of Christ in the crux of their decision point. 

I started my application for Grad school this week, and I am telling God I am all in again. I do not think I will jump into being in a regular classroom until my babies are in school, but that gives me some time to work on my degree as well as teaching online only so that I will have some tools when the day comes that I am in a traditional lecture setting. I am looking forwad to working hard on this goal that will put me in a position to do what I love doing for the glory and renown of  God who I love most. 

Even if it takes some time to figure out, God has something for you if you are willing to surrender to Him and say, “Send me!” I pray sincerely that God would bless this season and my ability to balance my life with being a student, and I ask you to join me in that prayer.

Here’s to taking a big leap…