Potty training. Teething. Ear infections. Laundry. Lunch. Second lunch. One more try at getting them to eat. Sweeping. Grocery shopping. Butts to wipe. Noses to aspirate. 

You recognize this kind of list. Sometimes it’s what our days feel like. It’s constant bounding from thing to thing. It’s the spinning wheels and balls kept up in the air that just wear you out. Some days you feel like you’ve just squeaked by. Some days you feel like you’ve just failed and drowned in it all. 

Here’s the truth. You are making little masterpieces with whatever you put your hands on. Masterpieces come together over time. Michelangelo did not sculpt David in one day. It takes a long time to see the beautiful result on the other side. 

The truth is we are not just cleaning. We are making safe homes where our families can be comfortable and healthy. We are not just running around getting nothing finished. We are accomplishing bigger parts of a picture that allows everyone around us to be cared for and loved. Sometimes I lose sight of the big picture. Our best materpieces are the sweet babies that really are incredibly beautiful and awe inspiring. We are not just wiping their butts; we are showing them what it means to be cared for in love. 

You are also crafting you into a masterpiece. Everyday we are learning more humility. That does not mean thinking less of ourselves but thinking of ourselves less. That can only produce a heart that loves and sacrifices and puts others first. That is a beautiful thing. You are building a heart that is more like Christ every day. 

Our homes may not always be perfect, we might look a hot mess, but we are each becoming something beautiful. We are gifting the world with children who will change it for the cause of Christ. We are becoming the women who can do that work and become world changers through our efforts and the ones we teach and inspire. 

When we see a friend struggling our hearts reach to encourage. We tell them how wonderful they are. We tell them that there is grace available for their hearts. We tell them we are in their corner. Why can’t I do that for me? Why do I not go to that place first for me?

Choose grace for yourself. Choose to believe the truth that you have been ordained by God to be the wife and mother your family needs. God placed you where you could be transformed into likeness of His Son. 

God did not promise us a comfortable life filled with nice things. He gave us His Son, and the grace we received in that fulfilled a promise that is more important than the grade we harshly give ourselves.