He’s my pal. He’s my buddy. As I stare down the few days between now and his second birthday, I feel inspired to tell the story of his birth. 

Pregnancy with Lauren spoiled me. Never having morning sickness or nausea at all was incredible so I was blindsided when those things hit with Ethan. I threw up a lot! I threw up so much that anytime Lauren was in the bathroom, she’d walk over to the toilet, and say, “Momma look!” as she made puking noises while leaning over the toilet! That always made me laugh as I crawled back to the couch.

Having a toddler to keep up with also made this pregnancy much different than my first. I was thankful for our big porch where we played with sidewalk chalk and our bubble machine for hours. 

Moving out of my first trimester made me feel so much better. The other major thing going on was that we were trying to sell our house. It was so hard to keep our house “show ready” as pregnancy progressed. We decided that if we hadn’t sold and moved by 30 weeks, we’d take if off the market until after Ethan was born. I was ready to take this step, but as if God knew a silent prayer in my heart, I was so excited to have Ethan with family and friends close by!

I’ll never forget the day we found out that our baby would be Ethan. Lauren had gone to an in-home day care with Nana while I worked, and we still tried to take Lauren to see her Nana and play with her best friends at least once a week. This also helped with appointments. We wanted her to be included in every step with the baby so we had the stenographer Cher write down the sex and seal it in an envelope. As soon  as Dr. Hajovsky walked in she said, “So is it a boy or girl?” We told her we didn’t know and she said, “Please tell me you’re finding out because otherwise I can’t know either or I might slip!” We told her we were going to find out with Lauren so she could know too. She said, “Thank God. I’m going to look as soon as you leave!” We left from there to Halfmann’s to buy blue or pink cookies, but since it was close to Christmas, they didn’t have blue or pink so we bought white ones. Then we went to HEB and bought pink and blue sprinkles. Then we went to Nana’s house and let her sprinkle them the appropriate color. We always laugh  at the fact that she knew before we did! 

Weeks moved pretty quickly up until this. Then right after, I fell after stepping in a hole I couldn’t see in a parking lot and broke my ankle. That was the worst. All I could do was ice it, take Tylenol, and wear a boot. It hurt so bad, and I couldn’t get around at all for the first few days because of the swelling. I drug my aching foot and that heavy boot around for 11 weeks! I’m still doing physical therapy for it. 

After this, we got his room set up with the help of a bunch of friends. Then, we waited. Since Lauren was born so early, I didn’t know what I full 40 weeks of pregnancy was like. I got really tired really quickly by week 39, and they were anticipating him being at least 9 pounds. We had the just in case c-section talk with Dr. Hajovsky because there was a chance I wouldn’t be able to push this giant guy out. At that check up, she said if he wasn’t there on Sunday (40 weeks), we’d induce Monday. 

I had a 8:00 appointment at labor and delivery that got botched so I had to go in at 4 am. I love my girl Lauren, and it was very clear to me that her life would never be the same again either. I wanted to give her one last normal day so I drove myself to the hospital, and Rob stayed home with her and took her to Nana’s after she got up and had a special daddy/daughter donut date. 

When I got there, I made my way through the maze of construction and found my first nurse who got me to my birthing suite. I got to put on my own hospital gown my sweet friend Lindsay had gifted me. I settled in to get checked, and had already dilated to 4 cm on my own, and my water was ready to break. It was go time! As shifts changed, I ended up getting the best nurse on the planet, Danielle. I had actually worked on her Chrysalis flight when she was a teenager so it was like God returning that blessing to me because she was phenomenal! She took the best care of us. 

Rob walked in just after 8am, and I was 7 cm dilated, and pushing the button for my epidural. After that, I got some much needed rest because the hard work of pushing was coming next. 

I don’t know if it was the drugs or experience, but I was even ok with a female student from Junction coming in to observe which was definitely not me. She was the sweetest lady though and was so encouraging. Danielle checked me one more time and said, “Don’t cough or sneeze until Dr. Hajovsky gets here. You’re fully dilated!”

I didn’t have many pushes after she got there. Ethan was ready to come out, and as soon as he did she lifted up the most beautiful little boy and said, “Oh yah, he’s at least 8 pounds for sure.” He let out a beautiful cry as they took him to check him out. My husband kissed me forehead and told me how proud he was of me before going to look at our son. As they handed him to me I prayed the same prayer I’d been praying for 40 weeks: “May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord make His face shine upon you. May He be gracious to you. May He lift His countenance upon you and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-26

It was such a sweet moment. I got to pray for him and see his face for the first time. I’ll always cherish that. 

Since he was such a big guy, I had to nurse him while they checked his blood sugar every 15 minutes for the first hour after he was born. I always laugh at how he came out ready to eat! Thankfully, everything checked out with his blood sugar, and we both got to get cleaned up and checked out. 

We had so many people come see him that day. As a room full of people looked at him so lovingly, I was thankful that he was born right in San Angelo in the middle of family and friends who loved him right away!

We went home the next day, and six weeks later, we relisted our house. It sold within weeks after that. Ethan was so tiny as we began packing, but taking him to the same home we took Lauren to was such a reminder to trust God and His timing and what He has for us!

Now, almost two years later, we get to celebrate our little Cinco de Mayo man again. I hope he always knows what a blessing he is. I hope he always knows how contagious his smile and laughter are. I hope he knows how much joy his endless energy brings our family. I hope he knows that he will always be my guy, and that I love him more with each passing second! I am so proud and blessed to be his momma, and I thank God for that privilege daily!