Shame. Guilt. Fear. Anxiety. Rejection. In my experience & in the experience of people I know well, these feeling – which are so real – are hard to contend with. I was praying for a friend, and after, I realized something that is common to all of these feelings. They make you feel alone. Isolating feelings make you an easier target to be pummeled over and over. When we feel alone in it, that’s where lies creep in. 

Those lies seek to strangle and mare us. Those lies push us back down into the darkness and say no one will understand or people will think worse of you if they know or that you just need to keep this to yourself. 

Those lies do wound us in the deepest places. They cause anger. They cause bitterness towards others and towards ourselves. Something in us begins to atrophy and die. “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”  John 10:10

As satan kills our joy, steals our voice, and destroys our peace, we lose sight of the fact that Jesus came to give us more. He died so we could have the most abundant life. We take our eyes off of Him and fix them on the problems and feelings and lose sight of the one who already bled and died to heal them. That makes you feel alone, like you have nowhere to go. It keeps you from going to the one place that real healing and restoration can come. 

No matter how you feel God is near – your feelings don’t change who He is or His character. Those lies don’t change who He is either. He is a father who loves you. He is the father who at great cost to Himself sent His Son to die for our sin but also so that we could enter in and know Him personally. 

When I think of all these feelings, I often think of Job who suffered great loss. When He finally speaks out and against God, He answers him in Job 38-39, and this verse, “Shall a faultfinder contend with the Almighty? He who argues with God, let him answer it.” – Job 40:2 I think this must have been a terrifying moment!

I think in these feelings, just like Job had, the greatest deception is the push toward blaming or rejecting God. It causes us to be blinded with the lie that our loss or struggle is on Him. Genesis 3. He did not create the world to be what it is. We live in the days after the fall. He didn’t create us to be bullies or to harm ourselves or to rape or to be racist or to be selfish. Man chose to sin and brought everything bad into the world, but just when satan thought he had won, he couldn’t see that God had already made a way back to Himself that would be used for our good and His glory. 

If you are struggling, that truth is the same for your situation as it was for the fall. The way has been made to get out. That doesn’t mean your situation is going to be exactly what you want, but OH, YOU WILL WALK DIFFERENTLY IN IT! You will walk in the peace afforded to you by the blood of Jesus, and in that there is freedom! “For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.” – Galatians 5:1 

Do not be yoked to lies meant to hinder and drown you. In accepting His freedom we are really free to face everything completely differently. We face loss differently. We face hardship differently. We face death differently. We experience joy differently. We are free to love ourselves differently. None of this is dependent on us. It is dependent on God who has always been the same! Depending on His steadfast faithfulness is better than depending on ourselves or the things that bind us. 

Here’s the truth.  You are not alone: the Bride is there, but ultimately God is always with us. He has given us each other to walk with. That doesn’t mean people won’t let you down, but it does mean you can be held and encouraged when you need it. Pushing Him away doesn’t change His availability, but it does decide how long you will be stuck. He is near to the broken-hearted. Your bitterness toward Him does not change His love or affections toward you. That is very good news. If He could be swayed to leave us because of how we respond to Him, He wouldn’t be a God worth serving. 

This was all stirred in me after I was praying for a friend & heard a song. I Am Not Alone by Kari Jobe. It is beautiful. It has been the only thing I’ve listened to for days as God has worked this out in my heart. 

“I Am Not Alone”

When I walk through deep waters
I know that You will be with me

When I’m standing in the fire

I will not be overcome

Through the valley of the shadow

I will not fear

I am not alone

I am not alone

You will go before me

You will never leave me

In the midst of deep sorrow

I see Your light is breaking through

The dark of night will not overtake me

I am pressing into You

Lord, You fight my every battle

And I will not fear

I am not alone

I am not alone

You will go before me

You will never leave me

You amaze me

Redeem me

You call me as Your own

You’re my strength

You’re my defender

You’re my refuge in the storm

Through these trials

You’ve always been faithful

You bring healing to my soul

I am not alone

I am not alone

You will go before me

You will never leave me

Here’s a link to the video:

Do not curl up and hide and despair. Don’t buy the lies that bind you. You have been or can be ransomed and redeemed. You are not alone. God has always been and will always be waiting for you to come home. Just like the father in Luke 15. He is waiting for you along a dusty road. He is waiting for you to look up and be reminded and to remember His love. Go to Him. You don’t have to be alone. You are not alone.