As the minutes tick by until Mother’s Day, I’m laying in bed worn out from Ethan’s birthday party. It was one for the books, and as I think about my babies, I began to consider what they have taught me. I am always so focused on ABCs, polite manners, teaching them about Jesus, and a million other things that I don’t know that I’ve ever considered what I have learned by being their momma. Here’s what I know:

  • I know what it means to put someone else first in every way, no matter what. I know what it means for this to feel like no sacrifice at all. 
  • I know that what you do and how you do things is what matters. There are days I say I look like a hobo, but that doesn’t mean anything to my kids. They see me for me, and they care about how I love and invest in them. 
  • Loving unconditionally. They just love me because I’m their momma. I didn’t have to earn that unwavering love. They just love me.
  • It’s important to let out the big belly laughs and just be silly. 
  • It’s okay to be upset and cry.
  • Patience. Every day they help me remember how patient God is with me. In His patience, He is rich in mercy. 
  • Grace. I have had to learn the importance of stressing and giving grace. Again, just like God’s grace covers me, I try to show them that in every situation. The hardest place is in discipline, but I have to remember that I am teaching them the best way. Sometimes God graciously disciplines us to show us the best way too. 
  • They have taught me that the small things are the big things. 
  • I learned to tell my friends I love them.
  • I learned to be fully okay with needing someone. 
  • I learned to be okay with asking for help.
  • They have taught me to notice the joy in the journey. 
  • They have taught me the importance of play and fun. 
  • They have taught me what it means to be brave. 
  • They have taught me to be more daring. 
  • They have taught me the importance of saying I LOVE YOU!
  • They have taught me how good it is to give hugs. 
  • It’s okay to be wrong. 
  • Perfection can’t be the goal. 

There are probably a million more things, and I am most definite in knowing that everyday they also teach me who I want to be. I want to be the mommy who they know values and cherishes them. I want them to never doubt my love for them or what they mean to me. I want them to know that no matter how right or wrong I get things, I gave everything I had everyday. 

God has put me in such a pivotal role in their lives, and tonight in a new way, I can see a bigger picture of their role in mine. 

Every day I say this to my babies:

“You are a gift and a blessing and a joy. I will love you forever and ever. Always and no matter what!”

God used them to teach me what it means to see people this way. God used them to teach me how He sees people, and God used them to teach me how He sees me. 

I look forward to years of lessons I will learn from them. I can’t wait to see who I end up being. I hope I make them proud, and more than that, I hope they always know how dear they are to me. 

Lauren and Ethan, thanks for being two of mommy’s best teachers!