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As we close in on less than a month until our NINTH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY, I woke up this morning with my heart spilling over with gratitude considering who Rob is. 

He is funny. Whether it was chucking his Nike sandal from his foot across a parking lot or slothing someone or taking time to make a masterful Photoshop ad, he has always known the importance of laughter. He used to say that we shouldn’t take life so seriously because no one gets out of it alive. That has stuck with me from the time when we were just friends. 

He is smart. Rob has this intelligence that he keeps to himself. He is not the kind of guy that needs to flex in any of his talents. He is so humble that he works hard to relate to others, make them at ease, and to never let them know he’s one of, if not the smartest person in the room. I’ve known people who shove their talents or strengths down the throats of others so they can feel superior, but I’ve never seen this man who is vastly talented need to do that. Humility is a rare commodity today, and I am so lucky that this trait is such a big part of his character. 

He’s the best teacher I’ve ever had. He doesn’t just know Jesus and the Bible, he lives like they matter most to him – because that’s what does. I’ve often said either Christ is all or He isn’t. Either He is the Lord of every part of your life or He isn’t, and I watch my husband daily surrender to that. Christ is the pursuit of his life. He isn’t after stuff or status. He’s after making much of Jesus. He does this in how he loves his family, he does this in how he treats and speaks to people, and he does this in how he walks out every calling he’s been given. Not only is he one of the best teachers of the word of God I’ve ever heard, he teaches me how to live it. 

He is dedicated in his work. It is not uncommon for him (and by that I mean two to three or seven nights a week) to be sure his family is safely resting in bed only to head back downstairs to finish dishes and tidying up on his way to work. He works long past when the midnight oil burns out only to get up and do it again. His phone constantly rings, and he is always there to answer it with a helpful spirit, no matter the hour. Watching him care about his customers and coworkers reminds me of who he is. He is constantly the same great man to people in and out of our home, and having unwavering dedication to an honorable character is something to be treasured in this world. 

He is the best daddy. Seeing the joy on the faces of our babies when their daddy comes home warms my heart. They’ve usually both gone back and forth a few times looking for him because they know his schedule. When Lauren hears the door open, she yells, “Daddy’s home!” She races, with Ethan not far behind, to the door, and in an instant, Rob’s arms are almost as full as his heart. They love him like they do as a reflection of how loved they are by him. My babies have the best daddy, and seeing this and countless other examples of how he lays his life down for them, assures me that they’ll always know their value. 

He is my best friend. Rob really is the best kind of friend anyone could have. I remember quickly realizing how great a friend he was. I remember hanging out with him and getting to know his heart. I remember hours spent watching concert DVDs or taking drives learning more about this man.  It didn’t take long to realize that he would be the best friend I ever would have, that I was hopelessly in love with him, and that he was the one man I would always want to spend every single day of my life with. Those feelings have been reaffirmed to me for over more than a decade, countless times. Hearing his vows, buying our first house, seeing him hold each of our babies for the first time, knowing he supports all my dreams, and seeing him get into bed completely exhausted every day because he gave everything he had to honor God and love his family – these are the moments, along with a million others, that will serve as constant reminders to me of just how much God loves me and gave me His best!

He takes care of us. No matter what it’s ever looked like, he’s done what it took to take care of his family. He has worked so hard from before the day we said we’d love each other in good times and bad, for richer or poorer to show me I could always count on him. He has never let our family down in any way, and I’ll never have to be worried that he will. He trusts God and knows that He is our provider, and that gives me confidence in how secure every part of our future is. I often pray that God will continuously bless Rob’s efforts, and watching that unfold more and more is something I am honored to see. Not only does he take care of our physical needs, he is constantly checking in on our hearts. He takes care of ministering to us and lifting us up while sowing truth into our lives. 

Over ten years ago, I met and loved a guy with super-long, gorgeous hair, piercing blue eyes, and a smile that makes the whole world glow. Have I mentioned yet how incredibly handsome he is? I’ve gotten a front row seat to seeing who God has made him to be, and who he is becoming. I am proud of my husband, but more than that, I am thankful that God gave him to me to walk all my days with. 

That is who Rob is – a blood-purchased son of God who makes everything in this world better through who he is and how he loves. That is who Rob is, and it’s my joy that he will be mine for all my days!