I’ve always loved weddings. It’s so exciting to me to see two people who love each other commit to each other for all their days. In that moment, everyone shares in their joy, and people unite in asking God to bless them. 

There has been a shift in me in what I now see at weddings. I still have a heart exploding with joy, but motherhood opened a door to a new point of view. I now see daddies giving away their little girls and mommies holding their baby boys for the last time as just theirs. That aisle is now a window to a long road that I look down with a mixture of emotions. 

I want our children to have what I have with Rob if God calls them to be married. The joy I share with my husband is something I hope for everyone, but now that I have my own babies, I can see how much parents have to let go. 

When we found out Lauren was going to be a girl, the first thing Rob said was, “I’m going to have to give her away someday!” Every wedding I go to now, my heart swells for those daddies in that moment of transition that begins what will in some ways be inperseptable change until you are on the other side and things are just different. 

There is a little bit of letting go in each phase our children go through. Their first steps on their own, wanting to do things themselves, or big kid stuff like finding what they love to do. In some ways I think those changes prepare our minds and hearts for high school graduations, driving away after moving them into their first dorm, or seeing finishing touches happen on the day they say their own I dos. 

Every phase of life as parents is preparing us for letting go in ways that will be such a blessing to watch after we get to the other side. I pray that we don’t lose sight of all there is to be thankful for as we let go and watch our children take their place in this world.

As I hear my kids giggle back and forth instead of going to sleep while their baby brother or sister flutters around inside my body, I have so much gratitude that I get to be their mom, and that I have the privilege of getting to see them grow into who God made them to be.

With every bit I let go, I see who they are becoming and who I am becoming as well, and in that I see why God made me and made me a mommy. I am blessed and honored to have that immense privilege!