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One of my favorite people on the planet teaches me things all the time. She was a great teacher in her classroom, and now her babies are blessed to get to be with her everyday.

Janay, or Aunt Nay as she’s known in our home, is one of the best people anyone could know. She’s selfless in everything she does and toward everyone she loves. Her example of dedication to her family and everyone she loves is the stuff of legends and superheroes! I always tell her she’s Super Woman, and she always humbly laughs off the compliment. 

During our last conversation, her well-lived life taught me another lesson. She told me about her new focus on efforts to be in the moment and present with her kids. She’s been leaving her phone in not super handy locations so that she isn’t distracted from engaging in each minute with her kids. 

She was just talking about life with me, but in that moment a seed was planted that I have been reflecting on. The best lessons are taught by example, and her just sharing what’s going on in her world and heart served as a wonderful revelation for me. 

Since that conversation, I’ve been very mindful of keeping my phone out of arm’s reach when I’m with the kids, and I think it’s a wonderful thing to be more mindful of.

I don’t think it means it’s bad to respond to a text or talk on the phone when you need to, but there are so many options for distraction on our devices, I started to wonder how much time is spent there that could be spent with undivided focus on my babies or other more important things. 

I always think about how fast time goes so this conversation made me want to make each moment count and to notice what’s happening so I don’t miss out on the joy. It made me think of Jim and Pam’s wedding on the Office where they mimed taking pictures with cameras (that weren’t really there) for the moments they wanted to treasure during their wedding celebrations. I don’t know how many of those I’ve missed, but I don’t want to miss anymore. 

I want to disengage distraction and engage what matters, and I’m thankful for this reminder to do that!