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The world today is much different than it was 25 years ago when I was four. Today my husband took our four year old daughter to see her first movie in the theater. They are going to see Finding Dory. 

I stayed home because I’m pregnant and would miss 40-ish percent of the movie going to the ladies room, and it’s Ethan’s nap time. 

I was so excited while telling her that daddy was going to take her on a surprise adventure, and that she needed to be a great listener. She loves to go on adventures, and her big smile at the thought of a surprise made my heart melt. 

I saw them off from the front door, and as they pulled out of the drive, the first thought that came to me was PRAY! 

In the wake of a horrible tragedy that is the most recent on a list of others that is way too long, my first thought was to pray for the safety of my husband and daughter. I had to pray that no one would enter that theater with bad intentions or plans to hurt anyone. 

I don’t think our parents had to think about things like this when they took us places or sent us to school. As a parent in the world today, we have to be mindful all the time. We have to keep our babies in arm’s reach while out and about, and we always have to be aware of all our surroundings. 

I don’t think we can let the actions of others make us scared to live life, but I do think we can help us remember. We have to remember how important it is to pray for others, to never take a moment for granted, to be wise, and that our safety isn’t something to take for granted. We should appreciate those who fight to keep us safe, and risk their own safety in their efforts. 

Today I am reminded of all of this and how much I have to be truly thankful for. I can’t wait to hear them both come home and tell me all about the movie, and every day I’ll remember how really blessed we are.