I have watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding more times than I can count. Last night we finally watched the sequel, and there was a part that struck me. 

I love Tia Voula. She’s one of my favorite characters in both movies. She sits down with Toula and talks to her about having a date night. She tells her to remember she was a girlfriend before she was a mother. I think it’s something we all forget, but it’s something we desperately need to be reminded of. 

I sat there thinking about how I make jokes now about looking basically homeless or okay, and how there’s no inbetween. I do feel that way sometimes. This pregnancy has been hard so I haven’t had much energy to even think about hair and make-up. Maybe it’s the timing of it also. See, tomorrow we will celebrate NINE years of wedded bliss. 

These years have been the best of my life, but a lot of the time I forget that I was once a girlfriend. Once I was so nervous about our first date while my friend Lacy helped me get dressed for it. Once there was a time when I got dressed up just to watch movies in the common area of his dorm. When I became a wife there were date nights and times where I always wanted him to think I was beautiful. I wanted to think I was beautiful too, and I fought hard for that. 

Today I got up, fixed my hair, and put on make-up and was reminded:

  • A: that underneath all the exhaustion and morning sickness and the curve balls of life and day-to-day stuff, I am still pretty and I miss feeling that way. 
  • B: I miss feeling like a girlfriend. I love being a wife and a momma, but I think we all need to feel this way from time to time. 
  • C: I want him to still see the girl he fell for all those years ago. 

Somewhere in the middle of life I forgot to remember how much fun it is to feel pretty and to be excited for Rob to see me when he gets home. I’m not saying this will happen everyday, but for today I feel like a 19 year old who can’t wait to see her boyfriend. 

We are heading to our 3D sonogram with our two babies this afternoon, and even though life looks different than it did when I was 19, I don’t have to forget that girl. 

Thanks Tia Voula for reminding us of who we were and how important it is not to let every part of that get lost in the changes of life. Thanks for reminding us of the girls we were and still can be!