My husband and I led and taught a Bible study for almost three years. I now affectionately call that group of college students my Bible Study Babies. In the wake on such hatred and violence one of my babies, Aisha, posted about being afraid to bring children into the world. I wanted to share what I wrote to her here. 

To the point about raising kids:

Jesus didn’t say we may have trials, He said we would have trials. In those trials, personal or global, we as believers have to press into the hope that we have in Him. Hope wins today because it won on the cross. That doesn’t mean that this stuff won’t happen or be hard, but it does mean that in the storm, we know where to look. God didn’t promise us an easy life with nice stuff. He gave us Jesus, and in that promise we know He is sufficient for all our needs. That also reminds us of the importance of raising up a generation that will change the world. Everyday we are making the world what it is through action or complacency. The Bible also calls children arrows in a quiver (what arrows are carried in). What are arrows used for? Battle. You raise them up to engage and be ready to use in battle. Every time I see Lauren, I already see a world changer. When she puts her backpack up at school, she goes and stands by the door and hugs every kid on their way in and tells them she’s happy to see them. She’s four and the kindness in her changes the world of each one of those kids. Don’t be afraid of the darkness, and don’t be afraid to raise up more light to drown it out. I love you so much!
The one last thing I’ll say is that we always need to remember that this world isn’t our home, but while we’re here, it’s up to us to make it better. We have to do better. We have to remember that apathy at violence carried out against anyone is how a holocaust happens. We can’t be more concerned with labeling and dividing as we are about our fellow man. 

After I wrote that comment, the next song that came up on my playlist was Never Once by Matt Redman. I think it was the perfect reminder for days like today.