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There are lots of things in life that keep us on our toes and waiting. Some of them come quickly, and some require long seasons to come to fruition. Today, I sit and wait eagerly for the birth of our third child – a little boy. 

I am already completely overwhelmed by how much I love him. I love to feel his strength build inside me as his kicks and plays his way into our last trimester of growing. I love to know when he’s still and resting. I love to think about who he might be. 

I’m excited to ready a place for him in our home. I’m excited to get everything ready for the moment we most anticipate which is getting to meet him. I am so thankful for sonograms and gender reveals and all of those things along the way that seem to get us through until that last big moment. I really don’t think I could have made it 100 years ago when those options weren’t available!

I can’t wait to look at his sweet face and have the first words I speak over him be a prayer of blessing while knowing the presence of God is filling that room with us. I get to be the first to hold him close and pray over him, and that blessing and moment is undoubtedly one of the best I’ll ever have in my life. When I look back on it with both of our babies, I can’t even begin to express how important and special that will always be. I then get to be the person who hands him to my husband so he can hold him for the first time. My goodness, my eyes water as my heart swells in anticipation of these moments. 

In a world with so much in it that absolutely breaks my heart, I get to see a little boy be born who will be raised up to be an arrow (or as I like to think, ballistic missile) to be used in battle to wage war against an enemy who is coming to steal, kill, and destroy. I get to raise him to be who God has called His sons to be. I get to raise him to know what sonship in the kingdom of God means. I get to pour out my life and God’s truth into and before my children all of my days, and I get to see them fulfill God’s purposes on the earth until the day I receive my “Well done!” I say “I” here, but I am incredibly blessed to be married to a husband who I get to walk all these things out as part of a team with. 

I hope I never forget on the hard days all that God has put in front of me to anticipate and participate in for His name and renown.