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2016. The world is flooded with negative sentiment about the year 2016. New articles and my Facebook newsfeed are filled with people being upset about the deaths of celebrities, the election results, what may or may not be ahead, and personal woes. As the calendar page turns one last time this year, I reminded of something:


I love Jesus & in difficult circumstances and as troubles and uncertainties brew around me, I am reminded to place my hope in Christ alone. I’m reminded that He is sufficient in whatever comes. I can rest in Him through the chaos. 

There’s a song I love (this post is named after it) that I’ll share a link to at the close of this post that reminds me that everything about who I am and what I believe has to be rooted in Christ alone. When the days of trouble come, that foundation won’t be shaken. 

This doesn’t mean there weren’t troubles this year or that there won’t be in 2017, but it does mean that the depths of me won’t be shaken in them because of who God is – not because of what is happening in the world. Having Christ doesn’t mean I am promised an easy life with nice things and status and stuff; it means I get Him, and He is more than enough. 

I like the idea of new beginnings, but believers, you are promised new mercies everyday. Stop waiting for January 1st to have what is available at each dawn!

I don’t know what this year holds, and I am definitely not saying that I have no idea what the global climate looks like or that I don’t have uncertainty in my own mind, but the one thing in my mind that is certain is the sovereignty of a God who created it all. Today as this year closes, I am so thankful for that certainty that secures me. 

Remember in hope that God is faithful. He is I AM. He is ever-present. He has not ever and will not abandon His children. That’s what He says about who He is, and we can trust the divine nature and character of God in all things. 

As we walk into uncertain days, rest in knowing where real hope is. Remember not to hope in people or in circumstances. Those places will always fail us. Remembering that will be important in the days ahead. Hope in Christ alone. 

Happy New Year to all, and as we begin a year with so much uncertainty, I hope we all remember and cling to the one thing we can be certain of. Unchanging. Unshakable. Never failing.