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I really believe the bravest thing we can learn to be is ourselves. I believe in a fallen world there is great opposition that pulls us away from all that God is doing in us for our good and His glory. In this life, it’s hard to be brave sometimes. It’s hard to be honest enough to be our real selves. It’s hard to be willing to let go of expectation and our own ideas of who that person should be in order to become who we are meant to become. 

The world is filled with uncertainty. We are now and always have been living in uncertain times. As for today, I feel the weight of uncertainty. I feel this weight as things begin to shift all around the world. These things will require me to be brave. 

In this we have to remember that silence is complacency and the unwillingness to raise our voices is death to “We the people,” and unity. We have to be a force for good. We can’t burn down buildings and scream obscenities and expect change to come that benefits everyone. That’s cowardice. 

In the days ahead I know I have to be brave for me, but I know I have to be brave for my babies. I have to have the strength to tell my beautiful daughter that no one ever has the right to grab and grope her. I have to tell her that her value isn’t just found in the beauty of her face. I have to tell her she was created in the image and likeness of God and that her value has no bounds. 

I have to raise my sons to believe in themselves enough to be humble. That is different than pulling and pushing everyone around you down so that you can be exalted. I have to teach my sons to be careful- always careful in how they love and respect those around them so that they can always be safe. 

All my children have to be raised knowing that minorities and immigrants and Caucasians and Native Americans, and everyone else in America and around the world has been born with the same dignity, value, and worth. That is only stripped from people when others see them as less than, and that is never okay for them to do or to allow it to be done to them. 

How dare we not be involved! How dare we not cherish the great American experiment in all of its diversity and complexity enough to engage what is going on globally. If you sit in uncertainty today with me, I hope it’s not because you threw away your right to a voice. I hope you are praying beyond your individual bubble and thoughts and hoping for others with an open heart and mind. 

Though I feel uncertain about the global climate because of the minds of men, I am always certain about my God who creates each day. No matter the chaos we and our sinfulness creates, days like today remind me that this world is not my home. Days like today make me thankful for citizenship in heaven. 

Be brave. Use your voice. Teach the next generation love, respect, and humility. Be brave for yourself. Be brave for your children. Never let the status quo define or change you. I am most certain that in the days ahead those are the people the world will most need.