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The title of this post may seem like no big deal, but it was for me. I have always been body conscious in a lot of ways I don’t want to re-hash here. After having three kids, this is even more true. 

Right after our third baby was born, I finished up the physical therapy on the ankle I broke when I was 30 weeks pregnant with our second baby. I was finally cleared to be active again as long as I kept up with my PT work. I knew there would not be a whole lot or really any time for me to go to a gym, but I knew there was one place I could take initiative and control- the kitchen. 

I committed myself to drinking plenty of water and trying to eat lean protein and veggies. After about ten months, I am wearing a size medium very comfortably. This was a huge milestone for me. 

I still feel like I have a really long way to go. I’ve also seen the need to push my mind into places of being challenged. Yesterday that meant wearing shorts. 

I haven’t liked the shape my legs are in for years. I can see that they are improving by getting more lean and toned as I get more healthy, but I mostly see the imperfections when I look there. If you’ve ever worn something that’s not 100% in your comfort zone, your mind says everyone is staring at you and seeing only the same imperfections you do.  It says this is a mistake and you look gross. It says hide. 

So I wore shorts yesterday, and you know what? My mind was wrong. I don’t think anyone saw anything but a woman walking through the grocery store with her baby. I will admit it took me really trying and fighting the urge to throw on jeans a few times throughout the day, but I made it through. I wore shorts. 

I’ve decided that though my body isn’t where I want to get eventually, there’s no reason I can’t celebrate where I’m at and find new love in each phase of the process. I feel brave now for muscling through. 

Your day may have been filled with bigger challenges, but for this mom of three who is fighting hard to love my body now, this was a huge victory in my mind and heart.

I can wear shorts. I can wear shorts! I can wear shorts! And you can too! What’s that thing that makes you scared? Do it. Let go of fear and know you deserve to be brave today.