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Finger smudges cover everything except a heart that soaks up the word “Failure.”

We run and wipe and try to make it all look right in a world of expectations, we struggle under the weight. 

All around are giggles and tiny hands making messes and leaving their marks with toys strewn about the floor. In that stretch of mess is where real life and real love happen.
In that mess are happy kids who don’t need everything to look like a catalog. Instead they need a safe home and a mommy who measures her successes in the places that matter. 
Don’t miss it.
Don’t miss the joy in their smiles while they write on the walls. Don’t miss the important thing we teach them about making things right as they scrub that same wall with a frown. 
Don’t miss the love and life that is always happening. That’s not a mess. That’s a life well lived which should be celebrated. 
Don’t waste those moments in self-condemnation where we really should honoring where we are and the gift of each day. 
No matter the laundry. No matter the toy-covered floor, we are deserving of grace and celebration. 

We are deserving of not being held to anyone’s standards. 

Stop. Take a breath. We are worthy of every good gift, and we are sitting in the middle of one of the most important ones. Don’t miss that.