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There is not a politician now nor will there ever be, who can save or redeem any aspect of our lives.

The evangelical community seems so willing to sacrifice the tenants of scripture in their blind allegiance to a person or political party, and that is idolatry at its worst. When you can’t acknowledge the fault in something and refuse even factual information that undermines what you want to believe, you are bowing to an idol.

At the time of year where we celebrate the coming of Christ, it seems like a good idea to pause and rightly acknowledge the one who came to give redeeming grace. It seems insane to hold others up in a position they don’t belong in as we shout down the war on Christmas (which isn’t a thing), all while praising those who said they saved it. They have never saved anything or anyone.

I hate that meme where Jesus is telling Santa He’s sad because Christmas is all about Santa. I think it’s ridiculous. I do however think that if anything would devastate the heart of Christ, it’s not a pretend figure getting attention and adoration, but one who is flesh and blood for whom people will push down what Christ has called wrong to justify and explain and excuse their words and actions.

So let’s be clear:

  • Slavery was and is still wrong. Unquestionably. Don’t argue for anything around it and include it.
  • Touching, molesting, or having sexual contact with children is wrong. The inability to admit that it is wrong, no matter when it happened, is detestable.
  • White supremacy or any other radical group based on being racially superiority which also seeks to destroy others because of race, religion, or ethnicity are from hell.
  • It’s not okay to lie for convenience.
  • It’s not okay to grope or touch someone sexually because of your position in anything.
  • Racial profiling is wrong.

It’s 2017, and I just typed that list. It’s 2017 and those things have to be said. That’s appalling, and that should make us all truly, deeply sad.

As I begin to prepare my home for Christmas, I want to hope rightly in the Christ who came to save and redeem the world. I want to remember that I am to make much of Him here and then go and enjoy Him forever. I won’t accomplish that if I hope in anything or anyone else.

To hope rightly means to hope all things in the person of Christ. It also means to be willing to call out things done in His name that are not a reflection of His heart; things that make a mockery of that hope.

I’ve most often known that people who don’t want to call out wrong won’t because they don’t want to have to do that with people they love or themselves. You can’t accept everything. The Bible calls us to sober judgement, and if you can excuse anything I mentioned above, I’d challenge you to examine why you can’t say things which are wrong are wrong.

Christ has come. Hope in that. That hope, in Him, is all you need.