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Time change. Springing forward. For most Americans this will happen tomorrow morning. Our clocks will rob us of an hour of sleep- on the surface.

This accurately describes what will actually happen- everything will be disturbed. Nap time. Meal times. Overnight sleeping. I mean, really, do I know anyone who’s jumping up and down with raised hands volunteering to hand over an hour of sleep that will upend everything for months? By months, I mean the effects will ripple out until the NEXT time change.

No! No one wants this. Why do we follow this antiquated system because some kite flyer who poses smuggly on $100 bills decided it was a great idea FOREVER ago? Who actually believes Benjamin Franklin was getting up with restless, out of synch kids all night? I don’t.

How are we to survive this annual assault of the systems and schedules we work for all year? How are we to be resilient enough to get everyone back on track? Especially after a long winter season of sickness where you’ve finally got a fighting chance at getting everyone healthy after finally pulling off the miracle of getting your 15 month old to sleep through the night (insert ragged breath here)? Maybe that’s just my house. Need some encouragement?

I have none. Batten down the hatches. Buy the coffee. Drink the Spark- mixed in Gatorade (pro tip)! Buy the really good Kleenex because there will be tears. Pick out a great show to binge while you spend your night putting kids back to bed. Buy the really good special chocolate, and brace yourself. This is going to be hard.

Well, I guess there’s a little encouragement in knowing that there are literally thousands of sleep deprived parents just trying to get their kids a great night of sleep after long witching hours and resistance.

May the odds even be in our favor friends! Suit up! This is going to get ugly…