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This last 12+ months have been hard on our family. With a tonsillectomy after endless strep, the flu, viruses, ear infections, and on and on, there has just seemed to be no end in sight.

That’s been hard. That’s been overwhelming. In some ways that has put blinders on me which blocked my peripheral. In that, I couldn’t see something huge.

Lauren was talking to me about her friend Jack at school. She’s told me some things about playing with him before. Today she told me Jack used to travel all the time. I asked why. She said, “Jack is a child cancer survivor. He travelled to Disney World, and to see doctors. He’s better now. His hair is growing back.” I couldn’t even think what to say for a second. I asks if she was sure he is better now. She said he was. She said, “Yes, he’s a survivor.”

If that wasn’t enough, a dear friend posted something to the effect of trusting God with her eternity, but not trusting Him with her now. I felt that one. I felt that one deep. God was gracious enough to make sure I wasn’t missing what He was saying to me through this post.

It is wearing to feel like your constantly running to the doctor, scrubbing and Lysoling, in line at the pharmacy, diffusing oils, measuring medicine, and trying to keep everyone well. I have felt that for a long time. It’s real, but this is too:

Inside my blinders I forgot to be thankful that what my kids have needed to be well was just a trip to the pharmacy away.

All they’ve had has been completely treatable. Even with having to go through surgery, the recovery went incredibly well. Even in this long, hard season, I should be so thankful for the positive things that have come, even in the sickness. I should be filled with gratitude for how we’ve had the access and means to care for our family completely. I will be thankful for those things.

I hear you Lord. I will be so much more intentional about trusting Him in each now, as they come.