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I don’t know where to start. It’s Father’s Day, and I can’t begin to think about all the things I want to say to you.

From our first positive pregnancy test to raising three kids, you’ve been it in with me fully, every single day. On the hard days. On the days and weeks and months filled with endless sickness, you were there. Through potty training and teething and pushing the limit to see how far they could get, you were there.

Through swollen pregnant ankles (and broken ones) and cravings and morning sickness, you were there.

Through Grad school and endless reading and papers to write, you were there making lunches and dinners and going to parks and the grocery store alone.

Through developmental delays and speech therapy and an autism diagnosis, you were there. Through meltdowns and tantrums and screaming and no sleep, you were there.

Through every bit of sunshine and everything that felt like a hurricane, you were there.

In the hurricane you steadied us and prayed with me.

You teach our babies about Jesus and the truths of the Bible by how you live. You teach our boys how to be husbands and our daughter what she deserves.

You were there for each of our babies. You were there for me. You are the best daddy I could ever imagine. You are more than I could have dreamed. I look forward to all the hard days knowing we are in it together and because of that, we’ll make it through. You’ll be there just like you’ve always been, and for that I want to thank and honor you.

Happy Father’s Day Rob!